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Hello, my name is Steven Schneiderman, and over the past 30 years I have been a published author, a writing instructor, and the founder of EbookoMatic, at one time one of the most popular author assisted publishing services on the Internet. 

Having published a number of my own ebooks over the years as well as helping over 550 authors to publish over 1100 ebooks of their own, I've learned a lot and want to share my experiences as an author, teacher and ebook publisher with you.

Make Your Ebook Sell sets the record straight, busts the myths about instant success, and tells you what you need to do to position your own ebook in a positive light. 

Who should read Make Your Ebook Sell? Anyone who feels they have a story to tell or information to share, Anyone who wants to try to sell their ebooks online and has no formal background in either publishing or marketing ebooks.

Sure, you can try to do it all by yourself, but why? Read Make Your Ebook Sell and avoid making the same mistakes that thousands of other people have made before you. Learn from their mistakes and learn publishing tips from best-selling Internet marketers as well as mainstream fiction authors.

Learn Hot New Ideas to Help You
Make Your Ebook Sell including:

  • Learn where to go to get your ebook professionally edited for reasonable prices.

  • Learn about popular ebook publishing options.

  • Learn how to package your ebook to give it a polished look and to position it for higher sales.

  • Learn how to promote and sell your ebooks, and how to manage your expectations about ebook sales, and much, much more!

Features 14 Bonus Chapters
From Rusty Fischer
Author of Beyond The Bookstore

Learn from Rusty's personal experience as a print and ebook author. Save time and energy and money. Bonus chapters include:

But it's Not a Bookstore

Success with Signature Lines

E-Book Promotion Made E-Easy

Slicing Up More Profits

Dealing with a Bad Review

Higher Profits Through Hyperlinks

Is POD for ME?

Also Includes Bonus
"Advice From The Experts"

Learn how and why successful authors have gone electronic, and how established authors have marketed their own work both on and off the Net. Includes tips from the following experts:

Alan Jacobson

Jonathan Mizel

Neil Shearing

Yanik Silver

Dr. Jeffery Magee

Ebook is in Adobe PDF format and will display on Windows PCs and Macs.

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Steven Schneiderman
Schneiderman Marketing, LLC

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